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Review of ‘Matsya’

  DASHAVATAR MATSYA: The First Avatar by Sundari Venkatraman     Title: MATSYA - The First Avatar Series: Dashavatar (Indian Mythology) Genre: Mythology Retelling Author: Sundari Venkatraman Source: Kindle Edition provided by the Author     PEEK - A - BOO Lord Brahma is highly disturbed Vedas are stolen from him the moment he goes… Continue reading Review of ‘Matsya’

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Introducing ‘The Life Lived’

Hi Folks!!! I would cut down the chase and come to the point directly… Why? Because I am too excited to share this news that it would be completely absurd to go around and play with words rather than coming straight to the point. So here I am my dear friends, to share with you… Continue reading Introducing ‘The Life Lived’



Hola friends, It has been a long time since I connected with you in this blogosphere… more than a month. I hope you all are well. The break taken here was essential as with the start of summer vacations, my parents and sis had come to visit me. As it was their first visit from… Continue reading WHAT, WHERE, WHY…

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REFLECTIONS…’What is it good for?’

As I sit in front of my Laptop, after a long day, flexing my fingers ready to type away my post… I fumble as I am unsure whether I would really be able to do justice in portraying my feelings through my words. I am having a time constraint as there are commitments to fulfill… Continue reading REFLECTIONS…’What is it good for?’

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Memories: A 2 Z

ZIPPY SINGAPORE It was our 10th marriage anniversary year. Our kids had also grown old enough to take care of themselves. Hence we decided to tread on the path of taking vacations a little step further. We decided to test the waters of a new place and zeroed into Singapore. We planned to go during winter… Continue reading Memories: A 2 Z

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Memories: A 2 Y

YOUNGEST MEMORIES Have you ever sat back and tried to recall the first ever memory of your life. When I asked this question to my daughter, she told me about a memory when she was just nine months old. I was so surprised that she remembers things of the time when she could barely talk… Continue reading Memories: A 2 Y

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Memories: A 2 X

X-MAS CELEBRATIONS If somebody asks me about my favorite month in a year, I always pick December. My favorite season being winter just makes it more lovable. Adding to that, the festival of Christmas followed by New Year’s Eve makes this month extremely special. Christmas is a festival of joy and I was never able… Continue reading Memories: A 2 X

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Memories: A 2 W

WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT THEM These memories do belong to my recent life but they are very precious to me. They define who I am. These memories are of those who belong to me as I belong to them. These memories are of my family. It was the month of January when I met… Continue reading Memories: A 2 W

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Memories: A 2 V

VISITS TO MY ANCESTRAL VILLAGE Today I am going to tell about a place my Dadaji (paternal grandfather) came from. I am going to revisit that village in my memories. Throughout my life, I have visited that village only three times. Why? As it is amidst the mountains, settled comfortably in the valley, far from… Continue reading Memories: A 2 V

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Memories: A 2 U

  UNHAPPY MEMORIES Since the beginning of the challenge, my memories have mostly been the happy ones. But life is not always so, there are moments of grief and pain too. These unhappy memories can be due to failures, heartbreak, sickness or Death. One of the unhappiest moments in one’s life is to witness death… Continue reading Memories: A 2 U