Book Series Read By Me


These are the name of the book series completely read by me. Among these I liked many but not all. I have written reviews for few and left many… Though I still hope that one fine day, when I will be able to quench my insatiable hunger of reading books, I might refer to this list and write reviews for at least those series which I loved.

So here are the names of the book series read by me [in alphabetical order]

1.       Bloodlines – 6 books – Richelle Mead

2.      Glass series – 3 books – Maria V Snyder

3.      Guild Hunter series [ongoing] – 8 books – Nalini Singh

4.      Harry Potter series – 7 books – J.K Rowling

5.      Inkworld series – 3 books – Cornelia Funke

6.      Lord of the Rings – 7 books – J.R.R Tolkein

  1.     Lux series – 5 books – Jennifer L Armentrout
  2.    Mythos Academy series – 6 books – Jennifer Estep

  3.    Percy Jackson and the Olympians – 5 books – Rick Riordian

10.  Shiva Trilogy – 3books – Amish Tripathi

11.   The Chronicles of Narnia – 7 books – C.S Lewis

12.  The Heroes of Olympus – 5 books – Rick Riordian

13.  The Inheritance series – 4 books – Christopher Paolini

14.  The Iron Fey series – 7 books – Julie Kagawa

15.   The Princess Diaries – 10 books – Meg Cabot

16.  Throne of Glass [ongoing] – 4 books – Sarah J Mass

  1.  Twilight series – 4 books – Stephanie Meyer
  • Mortal Instruments – 6 books – Cassandra Clare

  • ACOTAR [ongoing] – 2 books – Sarah J Mass

  • Atlantis – 5 books – Gena Showalter

  • Hoping to add more sooner 🙂

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    First on Fridays – Mistborn


    The beginning of weekends brings along fresh burst of energy. People plan to utilize their weekends in the way they love the most. What more do you expect from a voracious reader than to start a new book. And that’s the point of my bookish meme.

    First on Fridays is a weekly bookish meme, created and hosted by Preeti’s Panorama. Everyone is welcome to join.

    The rules are very simple:

    • Every Friday, grab a book [can be an e-read or paperback].
    • Share its first two or three paragraphs along with the book’s title and cover.
    • On the basis of the paragraphs/excerpt, just tell whether you would like to read it or not? One or two sentences will be enough. If you want to explain more, it would be lovely!!

    I just request that you link back to ‘Preeti’s Panorama’ on your own ‘First on Fridays’ post. You can share your comments if you do not have a blog. 

    Have fun with it and enjoy the world of books.

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    Review of Throne of Glass


    Throne of glass

    TITLE: Throne of Glass 


    AUTHOR: Sarah J Mass


    SERIES: Throne of Glass


    GENRE: Fantasy – Paranormal



    I came across this book accidently. While surfing on the net idly, about fairy and fantasy, I tumbled upon the whole series published so far…

    As I started reading first few lines of the book, it unveiled to me – Celaena Sardothein.

    Before I go any further, let me be fair and honest here. I am a little biased towards the books having female protagonist. So, with a main female character and five paragraphs after, reading this book became inevitable. And believe me, it isn’t the decision I regret at all 🙂

    I had thought of writing the review for the whole series but on second thoughts, it felt unjust. All the books of this series published so far are a marvel in themselves. Hence, I present the review of the first book of this series- The Throne of Glass.


    “Libraries were full of ideas–perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.”

    “You could rattle the stars,” she whispered. “You could do anything, if only you dared. And deep down, you know it, too. That’s what scares you most.”

    PEEK – A – BOO

    At the age of eighteen, Celaena Sardothein is a convict serving in the prisons of Endoveir until she is escorted out by the King’s Captain, Chaol, to present herself in front of Prince Dorian. The Crown Prince offers her to participate for competing to be the King’s Champion. The prize is her freedom after serving the king for four continuous years- an opportunity too good to refuse.

    Twenty three men and Celaena contest for becoming the champion of the evil king of Adarlan. Entering the competition with an alias name- Lillian, she pretends to be an average competitor. In her journey, she befriends Prince Dorian- the handsome prince who shares the passion of reading with Celaena; Chaol Westfall- the captain of King’s guard, who trains Celaena for the competition; Princess Nehemia- Princess of Eyllwe who teaches her the language of magic, the Wyrdmarks.

    With the progress of competition comes the death. Something evil is killing the competitors one by one. The strangeness and brutality of the deaths signal towards only one thing — Magic has returned in the kingdom. While investigating about the mysterious deaths, Celaena comes across a whole maze of tunnels where she unearths many hidden secrets.

    Guided by the spirit of the first queen of Adarlan, helped by her friends, Celaena treads on a dangerous path to achieve her destiny. Will she succeed or succumb???


    button iconbutton iconbutton iconbutton iconbutton icon



    Sarah has given life to one of the strongest protagonist I have come across and with equally powerful storyline. Throughout the series [Yes, Couldn’t resist reading all the published parts at one go… Oops, greedy me!!], there is a whirlwind of action around Celaena which makes you grip the book and keep turning the pages non – stop.

    The best part of the whole story is that every character is unique in its own. None of them over-shadowed each other. Sarah is a beautiful storyteller. The way she has weaved interesting incidents throughout the book, is praiseworthy. It certainly allows no scope for the reader to keep the book down for an instant also.

    The character of Calaena is wonderfully portrayed – she has skills of an assassin, fears of orphaned child, will of a survivor, flaws of human, vanity of a woman and memories of lost homeland.

    She had been a prisoner, malnourished and weak, but still she pushes herself beyond her limits while training under Chaol. She is sharp minded and observant of her surroundings as well as people. Within few moments, after she is brought in front of the prince, she deduces their intention; which renders the Prince and the Captain speechless. Her confidence impresses me the most. Staying in one of the most dangerous prisons of the kingdom, for a longer time, than most can survive – she still remains undaunted

    She is haunted by her past but instead of drowning in its sorrow, she draws strength from what she had lost – to live life to its maximum. She is an assassin well known and feared among the most dangerous of thieves, rogues and assassins; and she is just eighteen !!!. She doesn’t allow the demons of her work overshadow her personality. This is evident when she saves life of another competitor in one of the drills. [I can go on and on describing Celaena 😉 but maybe we can leave the character to be dealt in a different article individually 🙂 ]

    It won’t be fair if the other main characters aren’t discussed here. They also play crucial roles in the storyline. Let me start with:

    Dorian- The crown prince of Adarlan is handsome and charming. Bypassing the initial hiccups, he befriends Celaena, and becomes one of her good friends. While sharing the habit of reading books they have been shown to indulge into mild romance.

    Chaol- This guy intrigues me more than Dorian. Reading Chaol gives you a feeling of something contained under the lid. He is so controlled in himself. He pushes his feelings and emotions deep within himself. One may keep wondering what Chaol is thinking or how will he react to any given situation. These traits make him more mysterious and hence, more interesting [*sigh].

    Nehemia- She is one of her kind, I must say. A princess with such bold and straightforward opinions. A rebel leader and master in the language of magic, she helps Celaena at her most crucial stage. She is a true match for Celaena and both become friends immediately.

    The whole story has a smooth constant flow with its ups and downs at right places. The pace of events is quick which leaves you excited but not confused. From the first page itself, the things can be seen in clear perspective. The language is easy and effective.

    On the top, Sarah plays with the emotions so well that one can feel them as if they were their own. I smiled at the spontaneous replies and dialogues. I felt the tension and excitement of Celaena as she travelled through the tunnels or fought with her competitors. I was saddened when she remembers her lost life. All in all, the journey between varied emotions is as good as the journey through the book.

    The description of the scenes is beautiful and one can see vivid images in front of their eyes as they read through. The magic entwined in the story creeps on you slowly. It isn’t like a blast on your face but like a vine which places it footing slowly in the chapters, starting with appearance of flowers near Celaena’s cot. By the end of the book, the magic grows fully and roots itself in each and every frame of the story.

    A thorough work has been done while sketching all the various characters in this book. Sarah has sketched each cast in the story with an individuality of its own. One can relate with these characters as if one has known them from a long time. Characters, whether small or big, hold their importance. Each of them holds strings of at least one twist in the whole story. Even after reading the story, it remains with you for days…. such is the effect of this great storyteller – Sarah J Mass.

    To end it, I would say this… The book is a must read. Even if you may not be avid readers of fantasy genre, this book can rattle those fortifications of your belief…

    Until next time… Happy reading




    Review of Archangel’s Enigma




    Title: Archangel’s Enigma

    Author: Nalini Singh

    Series: Guild Hunter Series

    Genre: Paranormal Romance





    PEEK – A – BOO

    Naasir is the most feral of the powerful group of vampires and angels known as the Seven, his loyalty pledged to the Archangel Raphael. When rumors surface of a plot to murder the former Archangel of Persia, now lost in the Sleep of the Ancients, Naasir is dispatched to find him. For only he possesses the tracking skills required—those more common to predatory animals than to man.

    Enlisted to accompany Naasir, Andromeda, a young angelic scholar with dangerous secrets, is fascinated by his nature—at once playful and brilliant, sensual and brutal. As they race to find the Sleeping archangel before it’s too late, Naasir will force her to question all she knows…and tempt her to walk into the magnificent, feral darkness of his world. But first they must survive an enemy vicious enough to shatter the greatest taboo of the angelic race and plunge the world into a screaming nightmare…


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    MY TAKE:

    I was waiting for this one…After reading so much of Nassir and yet so less, I couldn’t wait to grab this book.

    So, you can just imagine my surprise when I turn to the first page and it’s all about Lijuan. I was like… Whoaa!!! What’s this?

    Nalini Singh really got me there 🙂

    Nassir was the last of ‘The Seven’ who came into the series. His character is truly as the book’s title says… An Enigma. Nalini Singh has done an absolute job in creating such a fascinating character. Nassir is a vampire who is unpredictable, secretive, impulsive, dangerous, lovable, intelligent and much-much more. Basically I find him a bundle of every trait which is considered as opposites. At one moment he wants to eat people and at other, he cuddles like a cub. In a blink of an eye, he jumps from a high rise to a balcony or on the other hand plans out to breach the highest security of any given area. Though introduced as a vampire, he shows signs of someone beyond that.

    And to find out about WHO – WHY – WHAT – WHERE – WHEN about Nassir… this book is a must read.

    The story is fast paced with continuous change of scenes. Nassir is desperate to find his mate with whom he can be his own self. He finds his would be mate in the refuge, who is quickly whisked away before he can know her better. To find her, he moves across continents to the most dangerous territory… of Lijuan. After rescuing Andromeda, both travel across the world in search of a sleeping Archangel. In turn, they discover the unbreakable bond developing among them.

    I loved the character development of Nassir.  His clash within himself of being a human or an animal- has been brought out amazingly. Even with the cruelty behind the formation of Nassir, Nalini has kept his innocence intact. It makes you fall in love with the character more so.

    Andromeda is a sure match for Nassir.  Spending her childhood with animals, she understands Nassir like no other. A scholar and warrior having many layers of secrets like Nassir, she evokes feeling of belonging in Nassir.

    Nalini also allows us a glimpse of developing bond between Sparkle and Bluebell. Illium’s change is a thing to watch for in upcoming series. Few other characters, like- Xi and Suyin, have been brought into focus in this part. They might become one of the focal points, in turning the story in future.

    Will the ‘Cascade’ bring something more horrifying – now, when it’s gaining momentum? Will Raphael and Elena be able to deal with it? What about the Prophecy? Will the world continue to suffer the atrocities of Lijuan? How will the world survive the presence of eleven archangels?

    So many questions unanswered.

    I wait for the next part eagerly.

    Oh God!! Whom am I kidding… I can’t wait at all !!!

    First on Fridays – ACOTAR


    The beginning of weekends brings along fresh burst of energy. People plan to utilize their weekends in the way they love the most. What more do you expect from a voracious reader than to start a new book. And that’s the point of my bookish meme.

    First on Fridays is a weekly bookish meme, created and hosted by Preeti’s Panorama. Everyone is welcome to join.

    The rules are very simple:

    • Every Friday, grab a book [can be an e-read or paperback].
    • Share its first two or three paragraphs along with the book’s title and cover.
    • On the basis of the paragraphs/excerpt, just tell whether you would like to read it or not? One or two sentences will be enough. If you want to explain more, it would be lovely!!

    I just request that you link back to ‘Preeti’s Panorama’ on your own ‘First on Fridays’ post. You can share your comments if you do not have a blog. 

    Have fun with it and enjoy the world of books.

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    Review Of Storm Glass


    storm glass


    Title: Storm Glass

    Author: Maria V. Snyder

    Series: Glass #1

    Genres: Fantasy



    PEEK – A – BOO

    With her unique magical abilities, Opal has always felt unsure of her place at Sitia’s Magic Academy. But when the Stormdancer clan needs help, Opal’s knowledge makes her the perfect choice- until the mission goes awry.

    Pulling her powers in unfamiliar directions, Opal finds herself tapping into a new kind of magic as stunningly potent as it is frightening. Now Opal must deal with plotters out to destroy the Stormdancer clan, as well as a traitor in their midst.

    With danger and deception rising around her, Opal must delve into her untested abilities with glass and magic. With lives hanging in balance around her, Opal must identify and control the powers she didn’t think she possessed – before it’s too late…


                                                       button iconbutton icon button icon

    MY TAKE:

    I am fond of reading Novel series, as it really lets you stay with characters – that you fall in love with – for more amount of time. It leaves plenty of scope for future extensions in the story.  It allows me to marvel at the author’s creativity, when he/she closes the loops of a wide spread plot in the end of the series. I can bring out innumerable reasons but the most important of them is that – I just LOVE reading Novel series.

    The intriguing blurb on the back cover of this book, compelled me to read this first novel of the ‘Glass’ series. The book comes with a detailed map of the land where this story takes place. The map makes the travels in the plot, much easier to understand for the reader. The imaginary land is divided into two main territories Ixia and Sitia, which are further subdivided into military divisions and clan territories respectively. Ixia is ruled by Commander Ambrose whereas Sitia has a Council of members representing each Clan along with the Master Magicians.

    The story is about a young girl of nineteen, Opal Cowan, and her interesting yet budding magical powers. She considers herself a ‘good-for-nothing’ magician except blowing magic in the glass wares, she makes. However, these magical glass wares, made by Opal, are much sought after. The whole journey is about growth of Opal’s personality while enduring through a series of surprising adventures, twists and turns.

    The Glass Magician, as she is mostly known as, embarks upon a journey when the Master magicians need her to help the Stormdancer Clan. On her way to the Stormdancer’s territory she is attacked by a group who would go to any extremes to stop Opal from helping. This marks the beginning of Opal’s adventures while travelling across the spans of Sitia and Ixia in search of the culprits as well her lost love.

    The story line feels a little sluggish initially but, by the end of first phase it picks up the pace. The landscapes and life of towns and villages is described vividly. One can easily imagine these scenes while reading the book. Opal travels almost all over Sitia and much of Ixia too. Sitia has variety of terrain ranging from The Flats and Cliffs to Emerald Mountains, from Avibian Plains to Illiais Jungles. Maria has brought out the beauty of each landscape wonderfully.

    The frequency of twists and turns increases as the storyline moves further. The doubts of an untrained magician with lack of confidence, her faults in perceiving the situation, falling into traps and escaping from them; catches one’s attention. Opal makes lots of mistakes and messes things up. But she also learns from them.  Due to this, the reader can see Opal’s personality growing step by step. It brings Opal closer to the reader.

    Maria has beautifully weaved a story from a rather weak plot – of problems in glass making to upheaval of storm energies to releasing of Warper leader.  The apprehensions of a young girl, who is too naive in trusting people and believes that she is looked down upon by her peers as One – Trick – Wonder, have been brought out beautifully. The self discovery by Opal of her capabilities and powers lurking within captivates me as I read the book.

    Not only this, I really read and viewed many videos on ‘The process of Glass making’ to give me a wholesome idea, as the glass making process is a continuous part in the background of the story.  Truly speaking, I was enthralled by the art of making figurines out of glass. It’s quite a talent, I must say.

    However, there are few things which didn’t help in making the reading experience of this book – completely satisfying. Frequent reference of Yelena – the protagonist of Maria’s first series ‘Study’- confused me as I hadn’t read it. Furthermore, Opal’s constant comparison of herself with Yelena, shows Opal as one of the bland heroines and Yelena as a superior and brighter person. Storm Glass is a first in its own series. Being a first in the series, Maria could have avoided the references or at least minimised them. Such frequent comparisons leave a sour taste in the reader’s mouth and give an impression of the previous series being much better than this.

    But, all these shortcomings evaporate in thin air after reading the end scenes. The last phase of the story is quite unexpecting which is a pleasant surprise. The climax hooks you to the book till the end. The ending leaves wide range of scope to develop the story for the next part of the series, loaded with more magic and surprises.

    There were so many questions answered with the closure of the first book, yet there are many whose answers will be sought in the second installment. A hint of Love triangle (or is it quadrangle?? ) is to be watched out for. Will Opal make a right choice of partner? Will her unique magical ability bring laurels or punishments in her path? Will she be seen as an asset or threat by the council? Is Opal being used as a pawn in a bigger conspiracy than she can even think of?

    With so many questions in hand, I would seriously suggest the readers to grab the whole series before you start reading. Trust me, if you are as impatient as I am – when it comes to books – and when the ending is so fantastic –  you would not be able to wait for long…

    Books and Me


    ‘Anyone who says they have one life to live may not know how to read a book.’

    I came across this quote by an unknown author, one fine day, few years back… when I was searching for reasons of my unquenchable reading habit. I really liked this quote written by some unknown author (may be myself in previous birth 🙂 )

    The quote stands true for me at least. Being a day dreamer and brought up in a sheltered environment, by a closed knit family, in a small town… one doesn’t come across many activities to occupy oneself. The options reduce further when the person is… ME!!!

    Why Me?? Because I am Super Level Day Dreamer, well renowned among my family and friends. So much so, that my friends used to think twice before including me in their team, afraid that I may start dreaming in the middle of the game. (Warning: physical activities and day dreaming together is hazardous 😛 ).

    With such a talent in hand, I mostly ended up cooped up at home when my friends were busy sweating and rushing their adrenaline outdoors.

    This was the time period, when I came across my first love… Books. It was the beginning of a new academic session; and we had a new librarian in our school. Our new teacher allowed us to issue books and take them home. She encouraged us to read and discuss our likes and dislikes with her. Not only this, on the basis of our feedback, she used to suggest us books which we can read and enjoy. Maybe, it may not look extra-ordinary, but for a child who has nothing else to kill the boredom and is a day dreamer from start… it was nothing less than a boon.

    Books, became a part of me and I of theirs… Every story in them was my story. Every adventure was my own.

    So, when I came across this quote, I felt as if it was written for me.

    I got to live so many lives in one life and it’s still continuing till date…

    I wanted to share my experiences of this world with many and what better means than creating my blog.

    I hope my readers will like my reviews and provide me with honest feedback, which will help me to improve further.