I might be leading a normal, ordinary life but I do have moments extraordinaire. Though they may be fleeting but they are not insignificant. Listing few among the many…

  • Baby’s first laugh.

  • Relaxing gurgle of a waterfall

  • Birds pecking on your window sill.

  • The familiar shapes in the clouds.

  • The slow drifting morning fog during winters.

  • The clear reflection of the night sky in the lake.

  • The soft drizzle falling on your face.

  • A fluttery butterfly resting on you.

  • Gentle waves rushing to meet the shore.

  • Light breeze showering cherry blossoms on you.

These are moments… tiny moments which give oneself pure joy. You cannot make them… they just HAPPEN. I believe that only those who are blessed have the chance to experience them. If you have experienced any one of these… be thankful!!!




Sometimes you see a reason to like them, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes they teach you so much, sometimes they just give you pure joy. This list of ten things is one of many simple wonders, which are all around us. We may have seen them often but somehow we are so caught up in our own web that we forget their existence.

Sometimes you see a reason to like them, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes they teach you so much, sometimes they just give you pure joy. This list of ten things is one of many simple wonders, which are all around us. We may have seen them often but somehow we are so caught up in our own web that we forget their existence.

  • The hopeful sunrise and sunset.

  • The beautiful pearly dew drops dripping from the blade-tip of the leaves.

  • Soft rainbow traipsing across the blue sky.

  • The fragile snowflakes dawdling around in the air in winters.

  • The refreshing river rippling by.

  • The bright chirping of small birds.

  • The calm breeze blowing on my face.

  • The autumn leaf falling down gracefully.

  • The aroma of the earth after the rains.

  • The sun-rays playing among the leaves of a tree.

Just take a moment from your life and immerse yourself to feel these wonders around you. Thank the almighty for making you able enough to see and enjoy these simple things. Trust me, your life will become more lovely than you thought

A Reader’s Tribute to Coffee Mugs


My weekdays are pretty busy, especially the morning time. Starting early at 5 in the morning, I rush through the chores for 3 hours which includes sending my daughters off to school and husband to office. I call these 3 hours of my weekdays as ‘Hurricane Time’ 😉 But, I eagerly wait to do them… Do you know why? It’s because of the ‘Me Time’ which I find on the other side of 3 hours!

Ah! It is total bliss. Sitting on the couch, near my window, with the morning sun peeping in… it’s my favorite time to read. And I reach paradise when I take a sip of my coffee. I do not know any other happier moment as a reader. For me, books and coffee are inseparable.

My coffee has played an important role in keeping my passion for reading intact. And my coffee couldn’t have been close to me without my mug. They are silent witnesses to my journey of adventures to various worlds created within the books. So, here is a tribute to all the coffee mugs who help readers like me, in following their passion.

As per their individual tastes, Coffee mugs vary from reader to reader.

Some love tall mugs and some love small. They come in all sizes and patterns. Let me introduce you to few which caught my eye… 

The minion coffee mug pair. The characters and their quotes just bring a smile on one’s faces.

One of my favorites: A coffee mug in the form of a camera lens. 

This cute hand – crafted mug can be an awesome reading companion.
A self-stirring mug for those who are way too into the book and do not even have time for stirring 😉

For those who do not want their mug to be touched by anyone else 😛

The design of this mug surely makes it unique.

I am an ardent lover of coffee. Cafe Latte is my personal favourite. I consider my coffee nad coffee mug as an important part of my life as a reader.

Which type of coffee do you prefer?

Do you consider coffee mugs as your reading companions? If yes, do you have a preference?

I would love to read your thoughts in the comment section below…

Until next time,


Marking the Bookmark



“When a bookmark tumbles out of an old book pristine and unwrinkled, it is like a gasp of breath from another century.”

Don Borchert, Free for All: Oddballs, Geeks, and Gangstas in the Public Library

Dear All,

You must have guessed from the heading as well as the quote, about what I want to share my thoughts on. Yes, I want to talk about something so small, almost weightless but worth thousand times more- THE BOOKMARKS!!!

The idea to write about them came to me when I received a book order from AMAZON. Now, Amazon has this beautiful habit of inserting bookmarks with your books and I totally love that site, for this gesture.

As a reader, I prefer reading books, holding them in my hand and turning their pages, getting the feel of the whole book. [It is not that I refrain from e-books, but holding a book physically, has its own charm…].

So, when one is a reader and also a mother of two kids, it is just impossible  to read the books in one sitting. And, there is where my precious bookmarks come in. They are my life savers. They help me out in the most precarious moments, especially when I have to, literally, steal time in-between juggling with the demands of my family.

Frankly speaking, after a decade of being both- a reader and mother, now I have become little obsessed about them. I can’t open a book without having a bookmark beside or in the book. I love purchasing and collecting various style of bookmarks.

I love all sorts of them-

The ones with the quotes-


Sometimes the ones with figures-



Strings/Beaded ones-


Bookmarks with themes-



Magnetic ones-


Cute ones-


Metallic ones –


and many many more…. I wish I could get all of these 😉

These bookmarks play an important part in my Reader’s life. Since they are important to me, I take care while choosing them. They are easily available in local stores. But, I love to collect  all sorts of them and so generally search them online.

Check some of the beautiful ones here1.

What about you all? Do bookmarks play an important part in your reading life?

Do you like to have variety in bookmarks? If yes, which ones do you prefer?

Do write your opinions and thoughts in the comment box below…


Until next time,



Blog – Break


Hi lovely readers,

It’s been ten days since my last post. Took my first ‘Blog Break’, after I started my blog.

Though it had just been over a month for my blog, and I was no where near of getting burnt out – stillI felt great after taking the break. I relaxed, ate, enjoyed with my family, went for short trips and sometimes – Just Did Nothing…

doing nothing

Trust me, it was so refreshing and energizing!!!

Oh yes! and I learned to do one more thing – I learned to soak myself in rain. I think Drenching will be more apt 😉

I have relocated, a few months back, to a coastal city. Before, I used to live in a cozy city with moderate climate, where sun used to shine and rains used to be for a short period. That is why, ‘soaking in the rain‘ is a huge achievement for me.

A very big step for a person, who just loved to sip her coffee and look out of the window when it used to rain…

rain from the window.gif


Monsoons have come to our city and are in full swing – pouring every single day. During this Blog-break period, I decided  to do something which I haven’t done… ever!! So, whenever it used to rain [which was almost, all the time], I used to gather my courage and demolish my wall of fear.

I used to step outside the house and get wet- consciously and knowingly.

wet in rain.gif

I can only say….. IT. WAS. FUN. !!!

such fun.gif

I came to an understanding that these breaks are as essential to me, as my passion for reading and writing. They are launching pads; boosters; refuellers to my Creativity Tank.

And I think my fellow bloggers and readers will agree with me!!!

Do you think breaks from blogging are necessary?

What do you do when you take breaks?

Have you ever taken a break and done or learnt something which you haven’t done ever before?

Allow me to know about your opinions by leaving your comments below.

Until next post,


Books and Me


‘Anyone who says they have one life to live may not know how to read a book.’

I came across this quote by an unknown author, one fine day, few years back… when I was searching for reasons of my unquenchable reading habit. I really liked this quote written by some unknown author (may be myself in previous birth 🙂 )

The quote stands true for me at least. Being a day dreamer and brought up in a sheltered environment, by a closed knit family, in a small town… one doesn’t come across many activities to occupy oneself. The options reduce further when the person is… ME!!!

Why Me?? Because I am Super Level Day Dreamer, well renowned among my family and friends. So much so, that my friends used to think twice before including me in their team, afraid that I may start dreaming in the middle of the game. (Warning: physical activities and day dreaming together is hazardous 😛 ).

With such a talent in hand, I mostly ended up cooped up at home when my friends were busy sweating and rushing their adrenaline outdoors.

This was the time period, when I came across my first love… Books. It was the beginning of a new academic session; and we had a new librarian in our school. Our new teacher allowed us to issue books and take them home. She encouraged us to read and discuss our likes and dislikes with her. Not only this, on the basis of our feedback, she used to suggest us books which we can read and enjoy. Maybe, it may not look extra-ordinary, but for a child who has nothing else to kill the boredom and is a day dreamer from start… it was nothing less than a boon.

Books, became a part of me and I of theirs… Every story in them was my story. Every adventure was my own.

So, when I came across this quote, I felt as if it was written for me.

I got to live so many lives in one life and it’s still continuing till date…

I wanted to share my experiences of this world with many and what better means than creating my blog.

I hope my readers will like my reviews and provide me with honest feedback, which will help me to improve further.