The Happiness Tag


I stumbled upon this tag at the orang-utan librarian… and liked it immensely. Go check out her blog, it’s amazing – I totally love her blog.

With the monsoon season all around me and awesome weather every day, it was hard to NOT do this tag. I feel happy already. So let me get on to it-

First part of the TAG:

List five things that make you happy:



They don’t listen, create ruckus all around, love to have arguments [it’s ‘discussion’ in their dictionary], fight with each other every other minute, make me run after them, dump their Whys, Whats, Wheres, Whens all over me and have endless demands… But when they come and hug me till I topple down from my seat… everything becomes BLISS!!! These two angelic devils make me HAPPIEST!!!.



Why am I having this blog for then??? 😉



I love all kinds of music which either makes me groove or relaxes me. If I love that music, it doesn’t matter to me whether I am able to understand the lyrics or not. 🙂



For a person belonging to the regions in the foothills of Himalayas – Nature or natural beauty is part of life. For me, it brings a sense of peace and happiness all over. My thoughts come alive while walking on a grassy knoll or under the shady tress with birds chirping and dewdrops falling. To be in that silence is divine. Any lush green area, indeed makes me happy.




I love doing small paper crafts like origami, paper jewellery, quilling, loom bands. Making things, through these arts, acts like a stress buster for me. It certainly makes me very happy.


Second part of the TAG:

List five songs that you love:

 I am a lover of music bands mostly. Most of my favourite songs belong to the 70s. I regret not being born in the 70s which is considered the peak time of music all over the world 😉

Every song listed here is dear to me for different reasons and when I listen to them- they make me genuinely happy.

‘WORDS’ – Boyzone

Have you ever fallen in love with a voice? I did. When I heard this song for the first time, I just skipped a heartbeat and then I was totally mesmerized… and am till date. 🙂


‘WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD’ – Louis Armstrong

The song’s lyrics and the depth in the voice just draws me to it.


TOP OF THE WORLD – Carpenters

This song is special to me because my younger one smiled for the first time while I was playing this song.



This is one of my favourite groups ever. I love mostly all the songs of theirs. But this tops them all. This song brings me hope and makes me feel that world is a beautiful place to live in.


PERFECT – One Direction

There is no specific reason. When I listen to this song, it just brings a smile to my face and lifts my spirits up. Maybe it’s the voice, maybe the lyrics… Whatever it is, it just works perfect for me 😀


I tag all my readers. It is definitely a fun tag to do and I would definitely love to read about things that make you happy… Will be waiting eagerly 🙂


Burn, Rewrite OR Re-Read???


Burn, Rewrite or Reread Tag was originally created by Lauren Ann. It is really a fun tag to do!! The person picks up 3 names of random books from a jar. Among those books picked, one has to decide which will he burn, rewrite or reread.

I loved this tag because of the complexities in choices, which the reader has to go through, if the books picked are all his favorites. I chose to do this Tag with Book-series, but it can be done with stand-alones as well.

So let’s get started. To choose fairly, I divided the tag in two levels. First level, I put names of ten book series, which I had read, in a jar. I picked five random series from there. In the second level, I wrote and placed the names of all the installment books of those chosen series in five different jars. Now, I will choose one book series per round and on the basis of names picked by me, from the jar, I will decide which installment book to burn, rewrite or reread!!!

Ah! It’s going to be very-very difficult. Especially if you love the series totally 🙂 . I will be writing and conducting the whole activity side by side. I don’t want to miss out any thoughts flooding my mind at the moment of choosing, so I am penning them down immediately…

So here it goes [taking a deep breath]

Round -1:- The Twilight Series– The names picked are

BREAKING DAWN Breaking_Dawn 

TWILIGHT Twilight 

NEW MOON newmoon

Among these, I think, I’ll burn NEW MOON. The book was very slow paced for me and the male lead was not present in most part of the book. So, I was unable to enjoy it fully.

I’ll rewrite TWILIGHT, as I do not have any choice between the remaining two. I loved BREAKING DAWN and it is a reread for me. Hence, Twilight needs to be rewritten.

Round -2:- The Selection Series– The names of the random books are

THE ELITE The Elite 

THE SELECTION The Selection 

THE HEIR  the heir

This one is easy, in comparison to the first round.

I’ll definitely burn THE ELITE without thinking twice. Don’t ask me why. Still if you are curious, you all can very well read my Review on that book here. Least I can say is that my friends avoid mentioning this book’s name in front of me 😉

I’ll ask the author to rewrite THE SELECTION. The book needs an overhauling in terms with the whole plot and development of characters.

And since now there is only one left, I’ll reread THE HEIR.

Round -3:- The Inheritance Series– The names of books I picked are-

BRISINGR brisingr 

INHERITANCE inheritance 

ELDEST eldest

Oh God!!! I love this series. This is among the first ones which made me addicted to Series reading. Each installment was beautiful and absolute. To choose among them is next to impossible.  Ah! It’s going to be so so so tough to choose. [Biting my nails!!!]

Let me do this in the reverse order then. I will choose the one which is closest to my heart.

Among these three chosen installments, I loved BRISINGR the most. It is not that I didn’t like others. Actually all the books were unique. But, I totally loved BRISINGR… from its cover page to its title till the end of the story. I just couldn’t stop reading it. I had reread it then also… I would gladly do it now.

Now comes the hardest part… which one to choose for burning??? Oh… This is becoming crazier by every second. I am holding both the remaining names in my hands, but I am just unable to decide…

Ah! But one has to be burned… With heavy heart, I choose ELDEST to be burned… Don’t ask me why because there is no reason to it.

So now, I have INHERITANCE which is left as the choice for rewriting. Though I am unhappy with the burning of ELDEST, I would have chosen INHERITANCE for rewriting anytime. Reason being, I was not satisfied with the ending of INHERITANCE. For me, it felt incomplete… I wanted much more than that. I wanted a proper closure which I felt was missing in this last book. There were so many possibilities for the ending to be much more interesting than what was given to us. So I would surely want it to be rewritten – but STRICTLY only the end part!

Round -4:- The Harry Potter Series.

THE GOBLET OF FIRE goblet of fire 

THE SORCERER’S STONE philosopher's stone 

THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE half blood prince

Omg!!! These rounds are going to make me go bonkers… by the time they are ended. I want to whack my hand with other one. [Me talking to my hand– Couldn’t you pick anything else… Why, why did you do this to me? You are a part of me, but still you betrayed me!!]

Now, I need to choose among these three. I am so confused!!! Okay, let me pick the one to be reread first.

I’ll reread THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE because this book was the one which opened the doors to the great magical world of Harry Potter. Though it is the thinnest but it is indeed the loveliest of all the books. I still remember reveling in the magic of the book and turning the pages eagerly to find more… So, it is a must reread for me.

So, now I have two left… One to burn and another to rewrite. Hmmm… Tough situation, very tough. Both the remaining ones are very good. One is full of excitement and suspense; another is more about gathering the strings of the whole plot. Both have death at the end. The choice has to be made.

I’ll burn THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE as I couldn’t accept the death of Dumbledore.

I’ll choose THE GOBLET OF FIRE to rewrite as I felt that the death of the student in the end could have been avoided.

Round -5:- The Throne of Glass Series.

CROWN OF MIDNIGHT crown of midnight

 QUEEN OF SHADOWS queen of shadows 

THE THRONE OF GLASS Throne of glass

Noooooo!!! No!!!! How can I choose? How??? This is becoming insane.. [Sigh!] Nonetheless I have to choose and so I will.

I’ll reread QUEEN OF SHADOWS, because this book is just wow!!! The way the whole storyline and plot spreads keeping the interest and suspense intact is excellent. It is a definite reread.

I’ll burn CROWN OF MIDNIGHT. It was not a bad book at all. On the contrary, it is the one for which your heart will cry for. The emotions which this book brings out sometimes, are heart wrenching. I’ll burn it only because I couldn’t agree with the events which were taking place in the book… I kept on saying- No! No! Don’t do this.., time and again. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful book. But I am just being selfish here. Since it made me cry, I have to burn it.

And so it brings me to TTOG. I’ll choose THE THRONE OF GLASS for rewriting. This choice is just the end-product of the process of elimination, nothing more. I do not have any valid reasons for it, being rewritten. But I feel the author always has the scope of improvement and it can be applied on this book as well.

This tag was fun to do. Not only because of its sheer uniqueness but also because it makes you remember all those beautiful readings that you have done in the past. Though making choice is a difficult thing but it also brings a sense of clarity within you for liking the book too much or too little.

I hope you liked reading about my choices as much as I loved doing this tag. [Trust me, doing the activity and writing about it at the same time, maybe very time consuming but it surely is very exciting]

I tag:






and all my dear readers, who would like to do this tag.

Do write your opinions about the tag in the comments box below

If I were to choose…


Hi there!!!

Today I am going to do a fun activity. My first Dream Cast… Yay!! I am so excited. [a jiggle and a twirl]

I am sure all of us visualize the characters when we are reading a book. The character becomes dearer to us if the image is crystal clear in our minds.

I am going to choose ten characters, created by the same author in its various books. Then I am going to give them a well known face which I feel fits perfectly on them. As I go along, I will speak about the reasons behind my choice.

So let’s start….

  • First I need to choose one of my favourite authors. I have to keep it in mind that the author must have written enough books to have at least Ten characters.

This is easy for me. I choose Sarah J Mass. This lady is phenomenal when it comes to character building.

  • Next step is to choose the Ten characters and cast them…

I choose the following:

  1. AelinAelin aka Celaena is a young girl of Eighteen who is a fantastic assassin. She has white blonde hair and atheletic body. She is a beautiful girl who loves to dress up in her spare time. My choice for Celaena-


2. Chaol He is a young captain of guards. Not excessively handsome, but having a ruggedness in his face killing with his clear golden-brown eyes. For me Chaol is-



[Oooohhh!! fanning myself!!]

  1. DorianNot much older than twenty, he has striking blue eyes contrasted with his raven-black hair. Achingly handsome the prince is gentle in nature. For me, Dorian can only be-



[This guy felt so perfect to me, for Dorian. In the whole excitement, I downloaded the pic but forgot to get his original name… So I will just call him Prince Dorian… I request you all  to help me get to know the name of this handsome stranger 😉]

4. Manon Blackbeak This witch is exceedingly beautiful but at the same time very strong. She is a leader of the most disciplined group of witch fighters. Manon has a strong kind heart and she is a warrior. With all these attributes I felt the best person who can portray the character is-



5. Rowan– He is a Fae prince. Bold, Strong and with years of experience along with a sad past. A trainer and a loyal friend. For me Rowan is defintely-



6. Feyre A huntress, a fighter , a survivor. A girl who looks after her family just because of an oath given by her in her innocence at the age of eight. A girl who wants to have a normal life but can’t as she is the sole bread earner of her family. A girl who has dreams of her own. A young girl who is fearless to go after the things which she wants without thinking about the consequences. My cast for Feyre is –



7. TamlinWith his golden hairs and green eyes, the High Lord of Prythian is a handsome guy. Kind and understanding, he treats his friends equal irrespective of whether they are human or fae. I believe Tamlin should be-



8. RhysandThe puzzle. An enigma. A mystery. With dark black hairs and handsome face, Rhysand is a character which takes time to be understood. The feelings which he hides within his persona, can be seen only when he wills them to be seen. This was one character having many shades and one of the most difficult to find. So, here it goes-



9. Lucien– Scarred yet handsome. The loyal friend of Tamlin with a sad past. Courageous and level headed. Lucien could only be-



10. Nesta– The eldest sister of Feyre comes up as a spiteful person. But under this demeanor there lies a fiercely loyal heart and a very strong will. Protective about her sisters, she doesn’t get easily persuaded. This combination of beauty and strength in her personality fits only on-



So these are my dream casts for the characters made alive by Sarah J Mass.

Did any one of these matched your imagination? Would you like to see a movie featuring them?

Leave your opinions in the comment box below 🙂 

Unpopular Opinions Book Tag


Today I will be doing a TAG here. It was started by Book Archer. I saw her video and liked the TAG immensely.  There are nine questions related to your opinions about the books.

I welcome all my readers to do this Tag in their blog as well. Would love to read your choices too.

Before I start, I would like my readers to understand that the choices and opinions in this TAG are purely my own and shouldn’t hurt anybody else’s opinions.

Saying that, let’s start with the TAG QUESTIONS:

1. A Popular Book or series that you didn’t like.

Mythos Academy Series. I didn’t like this book series at all. Though I read every installment of the series… with a hope of liking it, I can’t say one good thing about it.

2. A Popular Book or series that everyone else seems to hate but you love.

Fifty Shades of Grey. Though I knew that it is one of the most hated books but I liked it. I don’t love it though… Before some of you go in shock mode – hear me out… My liking is not because of the steamier scenes or other stuff involved. It is only because of the story-line. To read about the reasons and circumstances which make the protagonist behave as he does; how he overcomes it at last; made this whole series interesting for me.

3. A Love Triangle where the main character ended up with the person you did NOT want them to end up with OR an OTP that you don’t like.

Jace and Clary, from Mortal Instruments Series, is one OTP that I didn’t like. In my opinion, both the characters were lacking depth. Although portrayed as teenagers, most of their acts felt kiddish- for eg: The unstoppable bragging by Jace; the continuous rebuking of Simon by all of the Shadowhunters and Clary being just mum about it.

4. A popular book Genre that you hardly reach for.

Horror genre… I.Just.Can’t.Read.It.

5. A popular or beloved character that you do not like.

America Singer… Have read the Selection series recently and so this character is fresh in my mind. This character was so confused about so many things and behaved as being very modest and down to earth. She kept on jeopardizing the rules but portrayed as being loyal to the main male character. On the top, she expected him to be loyal to her perfectly. I just can go on and on…

6. A popular author that you can’t seem to get into.

Kiera Cass. I just couldn’t understand her world building, most of her characters. Though I read whole Selection series but it just didn’t click.

7. A popular book trope that you’re tired of seeing.

Lost Princess… I mean seriously [rolling my eyes]… I am a huge fan of books having female protagonist, but why should that female be always a lost princess?? Is it just impossible for a normal girl to achieve the unimaginable? Should it always be a royal lady who isn’t aware of her identity? I mean Comeon!! Normal, not-so-lost girls are as good as lost princesses.

8. A popular series that you have no interest in reading.

Game of Thrones. No Interest… Nope… Can’t do anything about it. To be honest, I haven’t even tried reading it. Sorry guys, it’s just my personal opinion.

9. The saying goes “The book is always better than the movie”, but what movie or T.V. show adaptation do you prefer more than the book?

This is the easiest question. I would just change that movie was not better but ‘At Par’. Harry Potter Movie Series is my choice.

Did Not Feel Like Reading


Living in Pages had recently posted a list of famous books which she didn’t feel like reading. Taking inspiration from Living in Pages blog, I thought of sharing my own list under the same category of ‘Did Not Feel Like Reading’. However, I will be listing only the Book series here, not stand-alone. Before I start, let me thank Living in Pages for giving this lovely idea.

Along with this, I would clearly mention that these are my personal opinions and by mentioning them, I do not want to hurt anyone’s feeling.

So let me begin:


Divergent Series-by Veronica Routh- This book series was much talked about, almost everywhere…But it couldn’t snare me. I tried to go for it… But by the end of first paragraph… I gave up.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Series– by George R.R Martin- Yeah Yeah… I am a fool for putting this book under the category. But trust me, when I say, I just can’t read it… It is too much of everything… I have seen few episodes of the TV series and I got horribly confused. I just couldn’t bring out the courage to read through the series and get totally jumbled up. Call me names if you want to… But it is what it is 🙂

His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials Series– by Philip Pullman – Before you judge me and roll your eyes for not reading it, I can only defend myself saying that I saw the movie of Golden Compass before I could read the book… I loved the movie. As the movie ended, so did my charm for the book. I think it could have been because sometimes you watch something so good that you don’t want to ruin its magic by comparing.


Study Series – by Maria V Snyder – This was completely my fault… I read Glass series and immediately after, I read Poison study. As it is said that too much of everything is bad… I think, it happened with me… Too many of the same style book concepts, made me loose the interest. I ended up not reading the series. [sigh]


Earthsea Cycle Series – by Ursula K Le Guin – Ah!! This one was long time ago.. It has the most simplest of reason. The first book had no pull over me. I didn’t even try reading it.

As of now, these are the series which I couldn’t get the urge to read further or at all. But I am an optimist… I still believe that one day, I may change my choices and hopefully read them all. Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

Do you also have list of ‘Not Feel Like Reading’ books?

Would love to hear about them 🙂

Book Series Read By Me


These are the name of the book series completely read by me. Among these I liked many but not all. I have written reviews for few and left many… Though I still hope that one fine day, when I will be able to quench my insatiable hunger of reading books, I might refer to this list and write reviews for at least those series which I loved.

So here are the names of the book series read by me [in alphabetical order]

1.       Bloodlines – 6 books – Richelle Mead

2.      Glass series – 3 books – Maria V Snyder

3.      Guild Hunter series [ongoing] – 8 books – Nalini Singh

4.      Harry Potter series – 7 books – J.K Rowling

5.      Inkworld series – 3 books – Cornelia Funke

6.      Lord of the Rings – 7 books – J.R.R Tolkein

  1.     Lux series – 5 books – Jennifer L Armentrout
  2.    Mythos Academy series – 6 books – Jennifer Estep

  3.    Percy Jackson and the Olympians – 5 books – Rick Riordian

10.  Shiva Trilogy – 3books – Amish Tripathi

11.   The Chronicles of Narnia – 7 books – C.S Lewis

12.  The Heroes of Olympus – 5 books – Rick Riordian

13.  The Inheritance series – 4 books – Christopher Paolini

14.  The Iron Fey series – 7 books – Julie Kagawa

15.   The Princess Diaries – 10 books – Meg Cabot

16.  Throne of Glass [ongoing] – 4 books – Sarah J Mass

  1.  Twilight series – 4 books – Stephanie Meyer
  • Mortal Instruments – 6 books – Cassandra Clare

  • ACOTAR [ongoing] – 2 books – Sarah J Mass

  • Atlantis – 5 books – Gena Showalter

  • Hoping to add more sooner 🙂

    Will appreciate if my readers can suggest me many more. Continue reading “Book Series Read By Me”