First on Friday – Carve the Mark

First on Fridays is a weekly bookish meme, created and hosted by Preeti’s Panorama.
The rules are very simple:

  • Every Friday, grab a book [can be an e-read or paperback].
  • Share its first two or three paragraphs along with the book’s title and cover.
  • On the basis of the paragraphs/excerpt, just tell whether you would like to read it or not? One or two sentences will be enough.

I just request that you link back to ‘Preeti’s Panorama’ on your own ‘First on Fridays’ post. You can share your comments if you do not have a blog. 

Have fun with it and enjoy the world of books.

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Review of The Virgin of the Wind Rose

Title: The Virgin of the Wind Rose

Author: Glen Craney

Genre: Historical Thriller

Source: Author



While investigating the murder of an American missionary in Ethiopia, rookie State Department lawyer Jaqueline Quartermane becomes obsessed with a magical word square found inside an underground church guarding the tomb of the biblical Adam.

Drawn into a web of esoteric intrigue, she and a roguish antiquities thief named Elymas must race an elusive and taunting mastermind to find the one relic needed to resurrect Solomon’s Temple. A trail of cabalistic clues leads them to the catacombs of Rome, the crypt below Chartres Cathedral, a Masonic shaft in Nova Scotia, a Portuguese shipwreck off Sumatra, and the caverns under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Intertwined with this modern mystery-thriller, a parallel duel is waged:
The year is 1452. One of the most secretive societies in history, Portugal’s Order of Christ, is led by a reclusive visionary, Prince Henry the Navigator. He and his medieval version of NASA merged with the CIA scheme to foil their archenemies, the Inquisitor Torquemada and Queen Isabella of Castile, who plan to bring back Christ for the Last Judgment by ridding the world of Jews, heretics, and unbelievers.

Separated by half a millennium, two conspiracies to usher in the Tribulations promised by the Book of Revelation dovetail in this fast-paced thriller to expose the world’s most explosive secret: The true identity of Christopher Columbus and the explorer’s connection to those now trying to spark the End of Days.


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Book Excerpt : Dragon Called by Melissa


Hi lovely readers,

I am bringing an excerpt reveal to you from a new release – Dragon Called. It is a Fantasy novel. The blurb and the excerpt really fascinates me to read the book asap. I am positive that after reading them you would agree with my thoughts 🙂



” King Rannak looked down at the unconscious figure before him, his lips pulled into a sneer.  One of his guards shifted uncomfortably; he ignored the man.  Surely this boy was the lover his betrothed had been sending notes to.  If that were the case, he had surely had a hand in the girl’s disappearance.

Even if he wasn’t, he was now a captive of immense political importance.

This time, Rannak was going to make sure there was to be no escape.

“Shackle him, and call the traitors in to bind his magic.” He ordered, finally, eyes snapping to the guards in front of him.

“Yes, sire.” One of the men saluted, and hurried off.  The other remained, guarding his king from the unconscious threat.

The king ignored the other guard and the unconscious man, turning his back to them to pace and think.  He didn’t notice the unhappy look on the guard’s face.  Nor would he have cared even if he did.

A dungeon cell would be the perfect place to keep this whelp until he had his bride back with him.  Dismal, dreary, and damp.  And very high up, so even if he managed to escape, with his magic inhibited he would be unable.

“You’ll be back soon, and we will wed,” he murmured to himself.  “You will not escape me this time.” But how to get her back to Kalvia?

The traitors came in, a gryphon and fairy pair, and got to work on binding the boy’s magic.  As they did, the guard placed the shackles on the boy.

Rannak remained silent, until the traitors were done and had left the dungeon room.  His eyes returned to the guards.  “Make sure he is unable to escape.” “



Author: Melissa Christopherson

Genre: Fantasy



Liliana’s life is perfectly normal. A young woman who has grown up in the kingdom of Kalvia, she knows all too well the importance of secrets. As a member of nobility, she is even expected to have a few of her own! 
When her parents take her to a ball, Liliana expects her life to go on as normal after it’s conclusion. Instead, she finds herself swept into a betrothal with a man whom all of the whisperers say is crazy. 
As the evidence builds up, Liliana must make the choice to stay in a nation where secrets are the currency…or step out of her human-ruled kingdom into a world so much bigger than she ever imagined.

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melissaMelissa Christopherson is an avid reader, passionate writer, and lover of everything literary. She serves as an AmeriCorps Service Member in the Iowa Reading Corps and is proud to help kids enhance their literary abilities. She served two years as a Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo in the Iowa area to help other authors grow in both ability and confidence.

She was born in Mason City, Iowa, and has spent most of her life reading books and spent most of her younger years daydreaming.  While in high school, she participated in Academic Decathlon for four years, and credits the reading assignments for the club for further expanding her literary horizons.  She is currently pursuing a degree in English, with a client-centered distributive minor.