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Introducing ‘The Life Lived’

Hi Folks!!! I would cut down the chase and come to the point directly… Why? Because I am too excited to share this news that it would be completely absurd to go around and play with words rather than coming straight to the point. So here I am my dear friends, to share with you… Continue reading Introducing ‘The Life Lived’

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Memories: A 2 Z

ZIPPY SINGAPORE It was our 10th marriage anniversary year. Our kids had also grown old enough to take care of themselves. Hence we decided to tread on the path of taking vacations a little step further. We decided to test the waters of a new place and zeroed into Singapore. We planned to go during winter… Continue reading Memories: A 2 Z

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Memories: A 2 P

PARENTS My father is the eldest in his family among his six siblings. On the other hand, my mother is the younger one among the two children of her nuclear family. Though they were born in different places and brought up in opposite type of families, they succeeded in giving their children best of both… Continue reading Memories: A 2 P

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Memories: A 2 N

NANI: MY IDOL I consider myself fortunate to have my Nani still with me. We call our maternal grandmother ‘Nani’. At 84 my Nani is alive and kicking. My maternal grandmother holds a very special place in my life. She is my grandmother by relation but she is more like a friend to me. I… Continue reading Memories: A 2 N

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Memories: A 2 M

MUSIC: MY FIRST LOVE My first favorite singer was Kishore Kumar. When I was old enough to appreciate music, I knew that this singer will be my favorite for a long long time. I do not remember which song of his I loved the most. Maybe all, as I was a die-hard fan of his… Continue reading Memories: A 2 M

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Memories: A 2 L

LIBRARY AND THE LIBRARIAN One fine Sunday morning, I accompanied my father as he was preparing to go out to meet his friends. I must have been around seven. He took me to a building and we started climbing the stairs towards the first floor. As we landed on the floor, I saw a massive… Continue reading Memories: A 2 L

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Memories: A 2 K

KITCHEN THAT I MISS ‘Kitchen is the heart of a home.’ I had read this quote a few months back and liked it so much that it ended up as a plaque hanging on my kitchen wall. According to a survey, Indians spend an average of 13 hours a week in the kitchen which was… Continue reading Memories: A 2 K

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Memories: A 2 I

INJURIES Memories bring varied emotions. Some bring a smile on your face, some make you feel shy, some are quite embarrassing to even remember. Some make you angry or irritated while others make you sad. I have laughed recalling my memories, smiled sometimes, got angry even. But, whatever emotional roller-coaster ride they take me on, one… Continue reading Memories: A 2 I

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Memories: A 2 H

HOMETOWN My grandfather was transferred to this place and then my father got his job here. I was born and brought up there and left it only after my marriage. Memories of my school, college, first job, friends are all from this place. The city market, the shops, the roads, the eating joints… all are… Continue reading Memories: A 2 H

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Memories: A 2 G

GAMES THAT I PLAYED ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ We have read and heard this proverb umpteenth times. The word 'play' generally infuses many pictures of running around outdoors, sweating in the sun and whatnot, in our mind. But when I think of the word ‘play’, it is more of… Continue reading Memories: A 2 G