Review of Demons



Title: Demons

Author: Ednah Walters

Series: Eirik

Genre: YA Fantasy

Source: NetGalley





Eirik Baldurson—son of Baldur, God of Light—failed living as a Mortal. He lost the girl of his dreams and nearly got his friends killed. Now, he’s gone to the underworld to meet the mother he’s never known. Torn between his duty to her and the man he used to be, Eirik struggles to find himself, until a witch appears in his world. Feisty and stubborn, she is a reminder of everything good he left behind.

Celestia Devereaux proudly attends a charter high school for “gifted” teenagers who embrace magic. Witches. However, she keeps a terrible secret—a prediction that she would one day be responsible for massive destruction and death. Though Celestia uses her clairvoyant abilities to help people, she worries that it is just a matter of time before she goes over to the dark side.

Her world changes when she unexpectedly astral projects to a place she didn’t believe existed and meets a tortured man who needs her help. Will helping him cause her fears to come true, or will he sacrifice everything to save her?


General Overview:

A tad bit of witchiness, a nip of spunkiness, a smack of godliness with a dragonish hint and whole lot of Norse mythology gives you an irresistible tale – DEMONS. A fascinating tale which is hard to put down before it ends. Though one needs to surely revise their mythology chapters, but it’s worth it.


The story starts with the return of Eirik to his home realm which is Hel. In the process of knowing himself and embracing his godly-powers as well as his parents, he comes across a feisty witch- Celestia. Celestia is a strong witch as per her age, hiding a secret of her own- which she is afraid of. She finds herself trapped in this realm, unable to go back. While clinging and pining for his past Eirik tries to explore his future possibilities. Believing that she was thrown into this world to help Eirik, Celestia is in for a shock when she finds that she was just being used as a pawn.


All the casts were characterized beautifully. You can relate to them easily. Every character was strategically placed in the story. They do not overshadow each other thereby making a smooth story-line.

Among all the characters, Hel was the most impressive. Her character was beautifully drawn- an awesome mix of good and bad. One could observe a clash between her aim and method to achieve it. Her methods initially proved harsh but her purpose to do so was only to make her son invincible.  She was like a shell – hard on the outside but soft inside. As a mother who couldn’t enjoy motherhood – she was confused how to deal with her child. All praises to the author for sketching this character.


The story was very lively. From the very beginning, there were series of events which captured the interest of the reader. The story was easy to understand and quite intriguing. I loved the suspense revealed at the end. Didn’t really see that coming!

There were some very cute moments between Eirik and Celestia. Author has entwined those moments wonderfully throughout the story- a moment here, a moment there. The chemistry between Eirik and Celestia, and the struggle to control their attraction could be easily sensed. It certainly had its own charm.

The language was descriptive and smooth. The world-building was immaculate. The dialogues between the characters were witty at times.

The book ran at an adequate pace which made the reading all the more pleasant. Not forgetting the Norse Mythology of giants, grimnirs, gods and valkyries – it adds to the whole out-of-world ambience of this book.


Though it is the first book in this series, it was related to the story-lines of other series from the same author. I do understand that the character Eirik was from those previous series, but if there is whole new series [even if it is a companion novel] being brought out, shouldn’t the story start afresh. I mean, Eirik remembered his past every now and then but, being just a reader of only this series, I found myself clueless.


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If you are interested in Norse mythology, rebellion, budding romance and an awesome plot with a twist – just go for the book. I am definitely going to read all the books of this series and others related. The author has clearly left her mark 🙂


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Author Ednah Walters writes about flawed heroes and the women who love them. From her international bestselling Runes series (which focuses on Norse mythology and legends) to her Guardian Legacy series (which focuses on the Nephilim, children of the fallen angels. Whether she’s writing about Valkyries, Norns, and Grimnirs, or Guardians, demons, and Archangels, love, family, and friendship play crucial roles in all her books When not writing YA and NA books, she writes contemporary romance under the pseudonym E. B. Walters.



















Review of A Court of Mist and Fury


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TITLE: A Court of Mist and Fury


AUTHOR: Sarah J Maas


SERIES: A Court Of Thorns And Roses


GENRE: Fantasy





Feyre survived Amarantha’s clutches to return to the Spring Court—but at a steep cost. Though she now has the powers of the High Fae, her heart remains human, and it can’t forget the terrible deeds she performed to save Tamlin’s people.
Nor has Feyre forgotten her bargain with Rhysand, High Lord of the feared Night Court. As Feyre navigates its dark web of politics, passion, and dazzling power, a greater evil looms—and she might be key to stopping it. But only if she can harness her harrowing gifts, heal her fractured soul, and decide how she wishes to shape her future—and the future of a world cleaved in two.

[Source: Goodreads]


“The issue isn’t whether he loved you, it’s how much. Too much. Love can be a poison.”



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Truly speaking, I had read this book within a week after it was published, but I couldn’t convince myself to write about it. I asked myself and tried to figure out the reason. I came to a vague conclusion that although I had read and understood the story, I still felt unsatisfied. Hence, I read the book again, this time more slowly and carefully.

Believe me or not, I saw the whole book in a new light. I am glad that I re-read the book 🙂

After re-reading it- ACOMAF, doesn’t remain just a fantasy fairy retelling for me anymore. It’s much more than that. It is about relations, about feelings, about fears, about transitions, about acceptance and about so much more which life can throw on our faces…

ACOMAF also changed my opinions towards several characters dealt in the previous book. The way the whole plot developed and storyline progressed was entrancing. One could see beyond the words and understand the reasons and emotions connected with the actions of the characters.  The acts appeared to be rash and weird sometimes, but their intent couldn’t be questioned.

Sarah has played excellently with the characters. The characters grow onto you. I like the way the author molds the story-line to weave the new characters along with the old ones, without ruining the wholesome impact. The characters may cease to exist or fall in the background, but their presence is never forgotten.

The adventures are so exciting!!! The thrill and the rush while reading those action sequences and adventures is beyond words. It just makes your eyes go running all over the pages, to know what awaits at the end of the adventure.

But above all this, the thing which affected me the most was the emotional level of the whole story. The best part, for me, was that the feelings didn’t come at the surface immediately. They were definitely stirred while reading the book. But, they hit me on my face, like a storm, after I read the whole book through and was musing on it. It was completely overwhelming.

Let us not forget the ending. I absolutely adore this skill of Sarah of leaving a thread to a new beginning, at the peak of the story’s ending phase. Though many of you may say that the threads are given by any author who writes the series; but you will also not disagree when I say – Sarah J Maas has got style!!

All in all, this book is a beautiful piece of work… Sarah has outdone herself.

I will not say that it is a flawless creation, but one can’t deny that this is one among the best.

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E- book copy available in KINDLE

What are you waiting for???






This book bowled me over in the emotional field. The story line was strong but I was truly stumped by the ‘Feels’. If I could sum up the essence of the whole book- it was all about loving as equals. Loving a person doesn’t mean that you own that being. Love is about giving that person space, respect and freedom to live his/ her life by own choice. Love is- to treat your lover EQUAL- in every sense.

I would not say Tamlin was wrong. His actions were driven by pure fear. Anyone can become this protective, if they have seen all their loved ones die in front of their eyes. He was all alone when Feyre came in his life. He had fallen in love with her. He couldn’t come in terms with the ordeals she had to go through, for him.

He had his own bag of fears to deal with and so he did those things; without realising that it could hurt that very person whom he is doing all this for. It was never done with wrong intentions.

Feyre, on the other hand, is an independent spirit – A person, who took care of her family from a very small age. She went against death to free Tamlin. She was dealing with her own traumas. She had changed into something she was not and there was nobody to help her, guide her to accept the changes within her- physical and psychological. On top of it, every time she was restricted to do something which she wanted. Eventually, she had to burst. I could very well relate with her agony of being shut inside.

But, the character which just takes away my heart is- Rhysand. I can keep chanting his name- RHYS! RHYS! RHYS!

The way this character has been portrayed is just breath taking. I love Sarah J Mass, for moulding this character. Fifty years! For fifty years, he was debased and abused by Amarantha. Yet, he kept his sanity intact. His love for his city allowed him to endure the tribulation, under the mountain. He took all the bad names and biased behaviours of various people around him, in his stride. He kept on drinking this poison every day; for fifty years – only for Velaris. With all this, one can easily sum up his loyalty towards those whom he loves.

He treated Feyre as an individual. He didn’t force their bond on her. Inspite of knowing the truth and still allowing her to be with Tamlin – one can only imagine his pain. I can go on and on when it comes to this character.

The best scene for me was when, Rhysand is telling about his love to Feyre in the cottage. He is so full of emotions that tears start flowing from his eyes. I was so moved with this whole scene. He is the most powerful of the seven high lords; he is known for his cruelty and ruthlessness; he can manipulate anyone’s mind and break any type of spells in split of a second; and yet he wanted Feyre to make her decision of wanting him as her mate or not. He had kept this secret in his heart for months, in fear of being not good enough for her. His tears are flowing and he is remembering each and every moment, when he started getting hints; when he started searching for her; when he saw that she was somebody else’s; when he made her believe that he was evil; when he knew she hated him to the core; when he couldn’t see her die; when he thought himself unworthy of her; when he couldn’t gather enough courage to tell her the truth. This scene just melts my heart.

And what should I say about the ending… The climax was too good to be true.. I won’t delve on it because I think, it could be enjoyed the best when read.

For me, this book is beyond awesome!!! I have started marking the dates till the sequel gets released…

I am wondering, will I be able to survive through this wait???

I really doubt…














Burn, Rewrite OR Re-Read???


Burn, Rewrite or Reread Tag was originally created by Lauren Ann. It is really a fun tag to do!! The person picks up 3 names of random books from a jar. Among those books picked, one has to decide which will he burn, rewrite or reread.

I loved this tag because of the complexities in choices, which the reader has to go through, if the books picked are all his favorites. I chose to do this Tag with Book-series, but it can be done with stand-alones as well.

So let’s get started. To choose fairly, I divided the tag in two levels. First level, I put names of ten book series, which I had read, in a jar. I picked five random series from there. In the second level, I wrote and placed the names of all the installment books of those chosen series in five different jars. Now, I will choose one book series per round and on the basis of names picked by me, from the jar, I will decide which installment book to burn, rewrite or reread!!!

Ah! It’s going to be very-very difficult. Especially if you love the series totally 🙂 . I will be writing and conducting the whole activity side by side. I don’t want to miss out any thoughts flooding my mind at the moment of choosing, so I am penning them down immediately…

So here it goes [taking a deep breath]

Round -1:- The Twilight Series– The names picked are

BREAKING DAWN Breaking_Dawn 

TWILIGHT Twilight 

NEW MOON newmoon

Among these, I think, I’ll burn NEW MOON. The book was very slow paced for me and the male lead was not present in most part of the book. So, I was unable to enjoy it fully.

I’ll rewrite TWILIGHT, as I do not have any choice between the remaining two. I loved BREAKING DAWN and it is a reread for me. Hence, Twilight needs to be rewritten.

Round -2:- The Selection Series– The names of the random books are

THE ELITE The Elite 

THE SELECTION The Selection 

THE HEIR  the heir

This one is easy, in comparison to the first round.

I’ll definitely burn THE ELITE without thinking twice. Don’t ask me why. Still if you are curious, you all can very well read my Review on that book here. Least I can say is that my friends avoid mentioning this book’s name in front of me 😉

I’ll ask the author to rewrite THE SELECTION. The book needs an overhauling in terms with the whole plot and development of characters.

And since now there is only one left, I’ll reread THE HEIR.

Round -3:- The Inheritance Series– The names of books I picked are-

BRISINGR brisingr 

INHERITANCE inheritance 

ELDEST eldest

Oh God!!! I love this series. This is among the first ones which made me addicted to Series reading. Each installment was beautiful and absolute. To choose among them is next to impossible.  Ah! It’s going to be so so so tough to choose. [Biting my nails!!!]

Let me do this in the reverse order then. I will choose the one which is closest to my heart.

Among these three chosen installments, I loved BRISINGR the most. It is not that I didn’t like others. Actually all the books were unique. But, I totally loved BRISINGR… from its cover page to its title till the end of the story. I just couldn’t stop reading it. I had reread it then also… I would gladly do it now.

Now comes the hardest part… which one to choose for burning??? Oh… This is becoming crazier by every second. I am holding both the remaining names in my hands, but I am just unable to decide…

Ah! But one has to be burned… With heavy heart, I choose ELDEST to be burned… Don’t ask me why because there is no reason to it.

So now, I have INHERITANCE which is left as the choice for rewriting. Though I am unhappy with the burning of ELDEST, I would have chosen INHERITANCE for rewriting anytime. Reason being, I was not satisfied with the ending of INHERITANCE. For me, it felt incomplete… I wanted much more than that. I wanted a proper closure which I felt was missing in this last book. There were so many possibilities for the ending to be much more interesting than what was given to us. So I would surely want it to be rewritten – but STRICTLY only the end part!

Round -4:- The Harry Potter Series.

THE GOBLET OF FIRE goblet of fire 

THE SORCERER’S STONE philosopher's stone 

THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE half blood prince

Omg!!! These rounds are going to make me go bonkers… by the time they are ended. I want to whack my hand with other one. [Me talking to my hand– Couldn’t you pick anything else… Why, why did you do this to me? You are a part of me, but still you betrayed me!!]

Now, I need to choose among these three. I am so confused!!! Okay, let me pick the one to be reread first.

I’ll reread THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE because this book was the one which opened the doors to the great magical world of Harry Potter. Though it is the thinnest but it is indeed the loveliest of all the books. I still remember reveling in the magic of the book and turning the pages eagerly to find more… So, it is a must reread for me.

So, now I have two left… One to burn and another to rewrite. Hmmm… Tough situation, very tough. Both the remaining ones are very good. One is full of excitement and suspense; another is more about gathering the strings of the whole plot. Both have death at the end. The choice has to be made.

I’ll burn THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE as I couldn’t accept the death of Dumbledore.

I’ll choose THE GOBLET OF FIRE to rewrite as I felt that the death of the student in the end could have been avoided.

Round -5:- The Throne of Glass Series.

CROWN OF MIDNIGHT crown of midnight

 QUEEN OF SHADOWS queen of shadows 

THE THRONE OF GLASS Throne of glass

Noooooo!!! No!!!! How can I choose? How??? This is becoming insane.. [Sigh!] Nonetheless I have to choose and so I will.

I’ll reread QUEEN OF SHADOWS, because this book is just wow!!! The way the whole storyline and plot spreads keeping the interest and suspense intact is excellent. It is a definite reread.

I’ll burn CROWN OF MIDNIGHT. It was not a bad book at all. On the contrary, it is the one for which your heart will cry for. The emotions which this book brings out sometimes, are heart wrenching. I’ll burn it only because I couldn’t agree with the events which were taking place in the book… I kept on saying- No! No! Don’t do this.., time and again. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful book. But I am just being selfish here. Since it made me cry, I have to burn it.

And so it brings me to TTOG. I’ll choose THE THRONE OF GLASS for rewriting. This choice is just the end-product of the process of elimination, nothing more. I do not have any valid reasons for it, being rewritten. But I feel the author always has the scope of improvement and it can be applied on this book as well.

This tag was fun to do. Not only because of its sheer uniqueness but also because it makes you remember all those beautiful readings that you have done in the past. Though making choice is a difficult thing but it also brings a sense of clarity within you for liking the book too much or too little.

I hope you liked reading about my choices as much as I loved doing this tag. [Trust me, doing the activity and writing about it at the same time, maybe very time consuming but it surely is very exciting]

I tag:






and all my dear readers, who would like to do this tag.

Do write your opinions about the tag in the comments box below

Review of The One



Title: The One


Author: Kiera Cass


Series: Selection Series


Genre: Young Adult


Source: Online Read



“Break my heart. Break it a thousand times if you like. It was only ever yours to break anyway.”



The time has come for one winner to be crowned.

When she was chosen to compete in the Selection, America never dreamed she would find herself anywhere close to the crown—or to Prince Maxon’s heart. But as the end of the competition approaches, and the threats outside the palace walls grow more vicious, America realizes just how much she stands to lose—and how hard she’ll have to fight for the future she wants.

[Source: Goodreads]


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Where should I start it from??? Let me start with the negative remarks and then end my review on a positive note. Yeah yeah! Please don’t be surprised. I do have positive pointers for this book, compared to the previous one, and to be fair- I don’t have too many negative remarks for this book. [Maybe I didn’t have the energy to do so 😉]

  • So let us start with the BRICKS! Yay!! This is the future and rebels use bricks, as weapons, which fly through the window.Sometimes I feel the story doesn’t take place in a palace, but in a village with no boundaries, where anyone can enter with bricks in their hands and nobody even bothers to look at them.I was whacking my head with my tablet. I want to know how high the walls around the palace are. Does the palace have even walls around it or not? What type of cameras have they installed all over, when you can’t see the intruders till they are under your nose? Is there somebody assigned to monitor the cameras? At least place some guards on the palace roof… For God’s sake!!
  • What a wrap up??? Anyone and everyone who could become a nuisance, in making this whole plot reach its required end, is just cleared – in a blink. Whoosh!! Gone…It looks as if the author suddenly got tired of all this stuff, ran out of ideas and hence brought down the shutter. It was a very abrupt end and I felt very detached to the whole thing.


There were lots of positive points in this part though:

  • I was happy to see some character development in America Singer – the protagonist showed maturity and control over herself during various events. At last she comes out of her confusion and takes a stand. She faces the king but controls her impulsive behaviour. She stands along with the prince in difficult situations, without wavering or having second thoughts. This was a pleasant transition seen in America’s character. It certainly made the book more interesting than the rest.
  • There were many romantic moments in this whole book which really were beautifully described – Loved the letters from Maxon.
  • There was satisfactory involvement of other competitors in this book. As a reader, I came to know more about their opinions and fears. I could view them in a whole new light. I loved the part where they bond over simple activities and make confessions.
  • This book portrayed Prince Maxon to his best. The qualities which a crown prince should possess came out thoroughly. His stability, calmness and futuristic thinking were well known. Various scenes in the book help us to know about his loyalty towards his country, his zeal to make things right for his subjects, his courage to take steps for creating peaceful environment.
    I had liked this character from the first book itself. But, this time I adored him to the core… especially when he comes out of his shell to express his feelings…

All in all, the third book of this SERIES is a pleasant read.



Have you read the series? If yes, then what did you think of the book. Please leave your opinions in the comment box below. Would love to read about them.


First on Fridays – Mistborn


The beginning of weekends brings along fresh burst of energy. People plan to utilize their weekends in the way they love the most. What more do you expect from a voracious reader than to start a new book. And that’s the point of my bookish meme.

First on Fridays is a weekly bookish meme, created and hosted by Preeti’s Panorama. Everyone is welcome to join.

The rules are very simple:

  • Every Friday, grab a book [can be an e-read or paperback].
  • Share its first two or three paragraphs along with the book’s title and cover.
  • On the basis of the paragraphs/excerpt, just tell whether you would like to read it or not? One or two sentences will be enough. If you want to explain more, it would be lovely!!

I just request that you link back to ‘Preeti’s Panorama’ on your own ‘First on Fridays’ post. You can share your comments if you do not have a blog. 

Have fun with it and enjoy the world of books.

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Review of Throne of Glass


Throne of glass

TITLE: Throne of Glass 


AUTHOR: Sarah J Mass


SERIES: Throne of Glass


GENRE: Fantasy – Paranormal



I came across this book accidently. While surfing on the net idly, about fairy and fantasy, I tumbled upon the whole series published so far…

As I started reading first few lines of the book, it unveiled to me – Celaena Sardothein.

Before I go any further, let me be fair and honest here. I am a little biased towards the books having female protagonist. So, with a main female character and five paragraphs after, reading this book became inevitable. And believe me, it isn’t the decision I regret at all 🙂

I had thought of writing the review for the whole series but on second thoughts, it felt unjust. All the books of this series published so far are a marvel in themselves. Hence, I present the review of the first book of this series- The Throne of Glass.


“Libraries were full of ideas–perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.”

“You could rattle the stars,” she whispered. “You could do anything, if only you dared. And deep down, you know it, too. That’s what scares you most.”


At the age of eighteen, Celaena Sardothein is a convict serving in the prisons of Endoveir until she is escorted out by the King’s Captain, Chaol, to present herself in front of Prince Dorian. The Crown Prince offers her to participate for competing to be the King’s Champion. The prize is her freedom after serving the king for four continuous years- an opportunity too good to refuse.

Twenty three men and Celaena contest for becoming the champion of the evil king of Adarlan. Entering the competition with an alias name- Lillian, she pretends to be an average competitor. In her journey, she befriends Prince Dorian- the handsome prince who shares the passion of reading with Celaena; Chaol Westfall- the captain of King’s guard, who trains Celaena for the competition; Princess Nehemia- Princess of Eyllwe who teaches her the language of magic, the Wyrdmarks.

With the progress of competition comes the death. Something evil is killing the competitors one by one. The strangeness and brutality of the deaths signal towards only one thing — Magic has returned in the kingdom. While investigating about the mysterious deaths, Celaena comes across a whole maze of tunnels where she unearths many hidden secrets.

Guided by the spirit of the first queen of Adarlan, helped by her friends, Celaena treads on a dangerous path to achieve her destiny. Will she succeed or succumb???


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Sarah has given life to one of the strongest protagonist I have come across and with equally powerful storyline. Throughout the series [Yes, Couldn’t resist reading all the published parts at one go… Oops, greedy me!!], there is a whirlwind of action around Celaena which makes you grip the book and keep turning the pages non – stop.

The best part of the whole story is that every character is unique in its own. None of them over-shadowed each other. Sarah is a beautiful storyteller. The way she has weaved interesting incidents throughout the book, is praiseworthy. It certainly allows no scope for the reader to keep the book down for an instant also.

The character of Calaena is wonderfully portrayed – she has skills of an assassin, fears of orphaned child, will of a survivor, flaws of human, vanity of a woman and memories of lost homeland.

She had been a prisoner, malnourished and weak, but still she pushes herself beyond her limits while training under Chaol. She is sharp minded and observant of her surroundings as well as people. Within few moments, after she is brought in front of the prince, she deduces their intention; which renders the Prince and the Captain speechless. Her confidence impresses me the most. Staying in one of the most dangerous prisons of the kingdom, for a longer time, than most can survive – she still remains undaunted

She is haunted by her past but instead of drowning in its sorrow, she draws strength from what she had lost – to live life to its maximum. She is an assassin well known and feared among the most dangerous of thieves, rogues and assassins; and she is just eighteen !!!. She doesn’t allow the demons of her work overshadow her personality. This is evident when she saves life of another competitor in one of the drills. [I can go on and on describing Celaena 😉 but maybe we can leave the character to be dealt in a different article individually 🙂 ]

It won’t be fair if the other main characters aren’t discussed here. They also play crucial roles in the storyline. Let me start with:

Dorian- The crown prince of Adarlan is handsome and charming. Bypassing the initial hiccups, he befriends Celaena, and becomes one of her good friends. While sharing the habit of reading books they have been shown to indulge into mild romance.

Chaol- This guy intrigues me more than Dorian. Reading Chaol gives you a feeling of something contained under the lid. He is so controlled in himself. He pushes his feelings and emotions deep within himself. One may keep wondering what Chaol is thinking or how will he react to any given situation. These traits make him more mysterious and hence, more interesting [*sigh].

Nehemia- She is one of her kind, I must say. A princess with such bold and straightforward opinions. A rebel leader and master in the language of magic, she helps Celaena at her most crucial stage. She is a true match for Celaena and both become friends immediately.

The whole story has a smooth constant flow with its ups and downs at right places. The pace of events is quick which leaves you excited but not confused. From the first page itself, the things can be seen in clear perspective. The language is easy and effective.

On the top, Sarah plays with the emotions so well that one can feel them as if they were their own. I smiled at the spontaneous replies and dialogues. I felt the tension and excitement of Celaena as she travelled through the tunnels or fought with her competitors. I was saddened when she remembers her lost life. All in all, the journey between varied emotions is as good as the journey through the book.

The description of the scenes is beautiful and one can see vivid images in front of their eyes as they read through. The magic entwined in the story creeps on you slowly. It isn’t like a blast on your face but like a vine which places it footing slowly in the chapters, starting with appearance of flowers near Celaena’s cot. By the end of the book, the magic grows fully and roots itself in each and every frame of the story.

A thorough work has been done while sketching all the various characters in this book. Sarah has sketched each cast in the story with an individuality of its own. One can relate with these characters as if one has known them from a long time. Characters, whether small or big, hold their importance. Each of them holds strings of at least one twist in the whole story. Even after reading the story, it remains with you for days…. such is the effect of this great storyteller – Sarah J Mass.

To end it, I would say this… The book is a must read. Even if you may not be avid readers of fantasy genre, this book can rattle those fortifications of your belief…

Until next time… Happy reading




First on Fridays – ACOTAR


The beginning of weekends brings along fresh burst of energy. People plan to utilize their weekends in the way they love the most. What more do you expect from a voracious reader than to start a new book. And that’s the point of my bookish meme.

First on Fridays is a weekly bookish meme, created and hosted by Preeti’s Panorama. Everyone is welcome to join.

The rules are very simple:

  • Every Friday, grab a book [can be an e-read or paperback].
  • Share its first two or three paragraphs along with the book’s title and cover.
  • On the basis of the paragraphs/excerpt, just tell whether you would like to read it or not? One or two sentences will be enough. If you want to explain more, it would be lovely!!

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