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Memories: A 2 Y

YOUNGEST MEMORIES Have you ever sat back and tried to recall the first ever memory of your life. When I asked this question to my daughter, she told me about a memory when she was just nine months old. I was so surprised that she remembers things of the time when she could barely talk… Continue reading Memories: A 2 Y

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Memories: A 2 V

VISITS TO MY ANCESTRAL VILLAGE Today I am going to tell about a place my Dadaji (paternal grandfather) came from. I am going to revisit that village in my memories. Throughout my life, I have visited that village only three times. Why? As it is amidst the mountains, settled comfortably in the valley, far from… Continue reading Memories: A 2 V

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Memories: A 2 R

RUN OF MY LIFE One of my private classes used to be early morning at 6 am. I studied in eleventh grade at that time. We used to directly attend the school after that. I used to start half an hour before to reach the class on time. On the way, two of my friends… Continue reading Memories: A 2 R

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Memories: A 2 Q

QUESTIONS THAT I NEVER ASKED Has it ever happened to you, when you are reminded of an unfortunate incident and your thoughts start turning towards the path of ‘What if?’ What if I had said this or what if I had asked this, at that time? Yes, there is always some memory that you regret,… Continue reading Memories: A 2 Q

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Memories: A 2 P

PARENTS My father is the eldest in his family among his six siblings. On the other hand, my mother is the younger one among the two children of her nuclear family. Though they were born in different places and brought up in opposite type of families, they succeeded in giving their children best of both… Continue reading Memories: A 2 P

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Memories: A 2 O

OM NAMAH SHIVAYA: A TRIP TO KEDARNATH Om Namah Shivaya. It was my first mantra that I learned. I do not remember any valid reason for learning the chant. Maybe, because it was easy to remember. All I know is that from a very early age, I had an inclination towards Lord Shiva. The stories… Continue reading Memories: A 2 O

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Memories: A 2 M

MUSIC: MY FIRST LOVE My first favorite singer was Kishore Kumar. When I was old enough to appreciate music, I knew that this singer will be my favorite for a long long time. I do not remember which song of his I loved the most. Maybe all, as I was a die-hard fan of his… Continue reading Memories: A 2 M

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Memories: A 2 L

LIBRARY AND THE LIBRARIAN One fine Sunday morning, I accompanied my father as he was preparing to go out to meet his friends. I must have been around seven. He took me to a building and we started climbing the stairs towards the first floor. As we landed on the floor, I saw a massive… Continue reading Memories: A 2 L

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Memories: A 2 K

KITCHEN THAT I MISS ‘Kitchen is the heart of a home.’ I had read this quote a few months back and liked it so much that it ended up as a plaque hanging on my kitchen wall. According to a survey, Indians spend an average of 13 hours a week in the kitchen which was… Continue reading Memories: A 2 K

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Memories: A 2 J

JOURNEY VIA TRAINS I wish I could tell you about my journeys during time travel but unfortunately, they occurred only within the books I read. So I would only be able to share anecdotes of my journeys which were done in the real world 😉 My all-time favorite journeys were the ones which I did… Continue reading Memories: A 2 J